In Focus your community magazine – Dainfern Nature Association February 2021

We wish all our Residents a very happy, healthy, and prosperous 2021! December and early January on the Estate was a peaceful yet busy one. With the lockdown restrictions it seemed many residents chow to stay at home and as a result the Clubhouse had a great festive season and we saw record rounds on the Golf course for the first time in many years. The summer thunderstorms certainly left their mark on the Estate and the river again brought tons of debris that left our maintenance teams with the massive task of cleaning and mopping up. We would really like to thank the team for their dedication during this festive season for working while we all took a break For those who already contribute to the Security Christmas fund, thank you, our Security team are incredibly grateful. There is still time to donate to the fund to show your appreciation for the Teams hard work and dedication to make this the safe Estate that it is. This pandemic as well as a lot of other things am out of our control and believe this has left a lot of us very frustrated and possibly angry. Some suggestions to possibly alleviate some of these stresses is to start making small changes in our lives. Small changes like spending time off social media especially before bedtime, eating healthy food, taking a walk at least once a day and increasing water consumption can be beneficial to our health especially during this pandemic. We certainly have some beautiful nature trails to walk and get a lithe distracted from our daily stresses and worries. View this month’s online Dainfern In Focus magazine publication:

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