Six33 Restaurant

Guests are welcome to enjoy breakfast, lunches or dinner whilst taking in the views of the golf course and estate. A beautiful Clubhouse with its modern facilities including a restaurant, Members’ Lounge, Halfway House and conference facilities completes the picture. Business people are able to host conferences, product launches and team building events for their clients and staff in a secure setting with added features such as a delicious lunch, a game of golf or sundowners overlooking the river. For residents there is nothing better than spending a tranquil Saturday or Sunday morning on the deck having breakfast with an unparalleled view of exquisite beauty spread out before you.

Signature Dishes and Wines

More Activities

Nature Association

To protect, nurture, enhance, and thereby preserve the nature-sensitive areas through sound environmental principles and thus enriching tranquil residential living at Dainfern Golf Estate and providing as much indigenous highveld vegetation as possible.

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Some more things to explore

Yoga Club

Yoga translates to “To unite”. Discover and practice the principles to put your mind, body and soul at ease.
Contact: Sabine [email protected]; 0833040792

Running Club

A sure way to become and stay motivated to run for both new runners and veterans of the sport! Contact Reception – 011 875 0401 if you are interested in a healthy social outlet.


Eva Melusine Thieme is the author of the travel memoir Kilimanjaro Diaries and founder of Joburg Expat, an award-winning blog about her family’s adventures while living in South Africa. From her endeavors to help baseball gain a foothold in an African township to her hair-raising encounters with lions, great white sharks, and the Johannesburg traffic police, she has fond memories about her life in Africa.
Contact: Marie Wood - 079 503 4702 or [email protected]

Bridge Club

Bridge belongs to the family of trick-taking card games and is a development of skill. Bridge requires four players - formed into two partnerships. You sit opposite your partner. All the equipment you need is a pack of cards, which get dealt out around the table so that everyone has thirteen - their HAND. The cards should then be sorted into suits; spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs.
Contact: Sheriden - 072 303 0900 or
Gill - 082 925 4623

Dance Club

Maybe expression through body movement is more suited to you? Up the tempo with Dance Club in Dainfern. Kim Rosenberg – 082 330 1732 or David Morake – [email protected] – 079 542 2447

Ongoing Projects

Dainfern Golf Estate is constantly upgrading its world-class facilities and maintaining the Estate to ensure that it reflects the beauty, safety, and security it has become known for. See the ongoing work that is happening behind the scenes.

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