In Focus your community magazine – Dainfern Nature Association February 2022

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all residents well for the year ahead – may it be a healthy and successful one for you and your family.

Nature Association and Turfnet

Our Estate is currently looking beautiful with all the rain that we have had. We would like to thank the Nature Association who work hard with the Turfnet team to ensure that all our Nature areas are looking spectacular and has been a lovely “welcome home” to everyone that went away on holiday.

Golf Data Team

Our Golf Data team have finished the hollow timing of our golf course early this year and we look forward to seeing the fruition of this course improvement program.

Security Team

Our security team in conjunction with Fidelity were hard at work over the festive season ensuring that all our residents and visitors were safe, and no major incidences were reported during this time.


We look forward to the upcoming AGM, Budget Workshop and SGM and your participation would be greatly appreciated.


Covid is still with us, and we ask that you always stay vigilant and respectful of the protocols in place wherever you go, keeping us all safe.


A reminder that residents can use this email address should they have any queries, suggestions or wish to report anything – [email protected].
Messages are quickly relayed to the correct team to address the email.

By David Weyers


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