In Focus your community magazine – Dainfern Nature Association November 2021

The warmer weather has been welcome in addition to the beautiful rain we have had so far. The golf course is looking spectacular as it is now emerald green. We are blessed to be living and working in such a beautiful Estate.

The relaxing of restrictions to adjusted level 1 has also allowed us some more freedom, for which we are grateful. Due to this, we have been able to host several events on the Estate and we thank you for your support.

The highlight in October was our 30th Celebration of the Dainfern Country Club, which was rolled out in our Festival of Golf. It was wonderful to
see the clubhouse and golf course buzzing with activity.

The Dainfern Spring Family Fair, hosted by the MaDD team was an opportunity for families to get out and mingle on a perfectly hot day at the Pavilion. Our Oktoberfest and Halloween celebrations were extremely well supported and enjoyed by all, both young and old.

We look forward to the Dainfern Christmas Market and Christmas Carols which are such special occasions hosted by the Dainfern Homeowners Association. Come and join us as we support entrepreneurs and wind down for the end of the year, enjoying some well-deserved time out with our families and friends.

We are reminded of the increase in crime over this upcoming silly season and ask that you be extra vigilant, especially at shopping centres. Our thanks go to our incredible Security Team who are always on their toes keeping our properties and families safe around the clock.

Please take the time to support those in need around us.

There are various charities and fund-raising golf days that need you to assist wherever you can. As a community, we have always pulled together and helped when there has been a request, and for this, we thank you.

Stay safe and remember to always be kind to others.


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