The Black backed Jackal has been seen in various locations around the estate and while most residents are happy to have these wild creatures within our midst, there have been a number of concerns raised by some residents such as:- Will the Jackal carry rabies? The DHA has been in contact with a Wildlife vet who advised that rabies has not been found in Jackals … Continue reading JACKAL ON THE ESTATE


Izabella Gates captured the Photo of the Week.  Congratulations!  We will have your voucher delivered to your home soon. Darkness is no obstacle for these enigmatic creatures. Barn Owls are able to locate their dinner in the pitch-black darkness.  These owls pinpoint their prey using only their ears – their hearing being extremely acute.  Grasping it first time, sinking their talons into its still breathing … Continue reading PHOTO OF THE WEEK


This weekend is the Internal District Tournament held annually at the Germiston City Football Club. The Dainfern Lions Football Club wishes to congratulate the following players selected to represent the Rand Central Football Districts team – Declan Wood u10 Christian Castro Amaro u10 Diego Khumalo u10 Colby Sinclair u11 Keanin Louw u11 Tye Arnold u12 Ilan ben Attar u12 Kewan Swarts u12 This is the … Continue reading DAINFERN LIONS FOOTBALL


Dainfern Fellowship is a family orientated community based Church.  We hold services every Sunday morning from 10h00 to 11h30 at the Dainfern Clubhouse in Room A and B with a separate Youth and Children’s ministry. Adults – Pierre – Missionary from Yemen Youth – Gee – Worship leader from Brazil Children – Bible stories – Natalie Free breakfast snacks and coffee 9.30 am.  We extend … Continue reading DAINFERN FELLOWSHIP


Everyone is welcome to join the Running Club – you do not have to run – joggers, walkers and power walkers are also welcome!  14 runners were at the time trial this week.  The results of the time trial are as follows:- 3km Declan in a time of 14:39,83 Kendal and Chris in a time of 18:09,31 Wadzi in a time of 19:09,43 Jean in … Continue reading DAINFERN RUNNING CLUB


In January 2017, Shaninlea Visser was bitten by a mongoose and contracted a deadly bacterial infection that has resulted in the amputation of both arms, both legs and the loss of her nose and lips.  This incident has left Shaninlea and her family reeling with all the medical expenses, rehabilitation and in order for Shaninlea to be able to go home to her family in … Continue reading BEAT THE BREWER FUND RAISER


Vumatel recently purchased the Dainfern Estate fibre network from Link Africa. The terms of this purchase require the Dainfern Estate fibre project to be completed 31/08/17 and it will then be handed over to Vumatel to manage and maintain. There is no immediate impact to residents who have fibre services in their home. Vumatel plans to migrate all users onto the new Vumatel network within the next … Continue reading FIBRE TO THE HOME