The Real Value of Community

The Real Value of Community

So, you’ve chosen to take up residence at Dainfern. Maybe not so recently, but at some point in your life, you made the important decision. It may have come as an easy decision for you – being such a good area, near the right schools and having the kind of lifestyle you have always pictured yourself in. It’s a really good fit. But now, or in the future, you may look back and consider just what was it that made you settle in this neighbourhood. Was it the beautiful landscape? The amenities and organised events? Maybe it’s all those things in one pretty package.

Over and above those things comes the most prevalent reason why you chose to make your home right here. You may not have even thought about it, but what really matters at Dainfern is its sense of community. There’s an unexplainable drive we as humans have towards establishing and maintaining our communities. It’s something all of us subconsciously seek out. So what is it about a community that makes it so valuable?

A Sense of Belonging and Togetherness

We as human beings thrive on relationships. We are not a lone-wolf kind of species. Even Aristotle called us “social animals”. While you might consider yourself introverted or that you really like your own space, there will always be some part of you that yearns for just a little contact. No one wants to be the last person on earth. With the right community, you’ll have a healthy balance between alone time and social expression.

A community becomes a safe space where you share commonalities with those around you (beyond just the location). Communities provide support to individuals, rescuing them from daily stress and problems. Communities can even help you solve struggles you may have, big or small. It can help you to make friends, explore your interests and even grow your business. Community can be exactly what you make of it.

Shared Effort Among Each Other

But of course, community doesn’t always come easy. It is a combined effort that we all work towards to achieve common goals. With the involvement of the community, you can take a “share and conquer” approach to just about anything. Funding projects, physical work, organization – these are all things made easier by numbers.

Combined Resources

One of the things in particular that gets made easier with numbers is available resources. Think back to the times of high school group projects, where one person would bring this from home, the other brought that. At the end of the day, your combined resources came together to create something. Maybe it wasn’t the best project, but hey, you did something. The more things people can contribute to the benefit of the community, the better. It’s even a case of sharing knowledge with one another. Telling a neighbour about the fantastic deals you found at the grocery store, or your latest life-hack can sometimes be very beneficial. We can fill in the gaps in our lives more quickly with the help of others.

Putting an End to Disconnection

At the heart of an involved community, is an end to the disconnection we feel. Our society of social media and instant communication has in some ways connected, yet also disconnected us. We have to be careful not to lose touch with our real-life connections. Having a chat with a friend face-to-face, sitting down to enjoy a family meal or even just running errands together is the type of activity we could all get a little more of. It’s what really matters.

With all things considered, do you feel you are getting the most out of your community experience? The real value of community is simply the people you get to surround yourself with, and that connection to others that is so important in our lives. The idea that “it takes a village” really does extend to more than just “raising a child”.

Do you think you could benefit from the real value of community by becoming more involved?  

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