Suzy Whaley and Inspiring Women’s Golf

A first for PGA America and exciting news for the world of women and golf

The 9th of November 2018 has been marked as an important moment in history for the world of golf. Suzy Whaley, an incredibly talented golfer with a long list of accolades, has become the first ever female PGA America President. Some of her more famous accolades include being the first woman to qualify for a PGA tour event since Babe Zaharias, being the owner of a very successful instructing and coaching business, becoming a board member and advisor for numerous golfing organisations, and more. According to an article written by the PGA “Whaley also received the 2015 Margo Dydek Award from the WNBA’s Connecticut Sun, for her ability to engage, challenge and inspire, while serving as a role model”. A truly inspiring career in golf and she’s only getting started!

Her history with the PGA of America

The PGA of America was established in 1916 to promote the game of golf and enhance the careers of golf professionals. The PGA only opened its doors to women in 1978. In 2002, Suzy Whaley joined the PGA of America in search of more competitive playing opportunities and after a lot of hard work and dedication, Whaley is now the first female president of the 102-year-old association. This is a huge step forward in the traditional “Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden” approach taken by many golf associations in history.

Where to from here?

“I’m excited about the evolution in the game. I’m excited that we have more women playing golf with 2.4 million women who chose to try the game for the first time last year on a golf course. But, we’re not far enough. And we have tons of work to do.”

Whaley’s focus is on increasing the diversification of golf players and to encourage women’s golf, regardless of age. The creation of the #inviteHER campaign does just that by creating a movement where women are encouraged to invite other ladies to enjoy a day on the green in a welcoming environment. “I only see women’s golf evolving, which is really exciting. It makes me thrilled to be a part of the game.”- Suzy Whaley

We are behind Suzy 100% and we cannot wait to see how she transforms this beautiful sport into a game for all to enjoy!