Squash is a ball sport played by two (singles) or four players (doubles) in a four-walled court with a small, hollow rubber ball. The players must alternate in striking the ball with their racket and hit the ball onto the playable surfaces of the four walls of the court.

There are many benefits of playing squash including:-

  • improve cardiovascular health. A game of squash can see you running, leaping and diving for the ball.
  • increase strength and fitness.
  • maintain a healthy weight.
  • increase flexibility and strength in the back.
  • promote good coordination, agility and flexibility.
  • build hand–eye coordination.

Our squash coach, Pete Dickinson, can give squash lessons to anyone from as young as four years old – small rackets provided for small kids. Dainfern also has 3 to 4 league teams entered in the Squash SA League each year.  For more information on Squash at Dainfern, please call Pete on 084-549-7540 or email [email protected].

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