We have reported the traffic lights at the intersection of Cedar Road and Gateside Avenue and Cedar Road and Steyn City Boulevard to the Johannesburg Roads Agency and requested that they dispatch a team to repair the traffic lights at these intersections.

There are roadworks on the R511 William Nicol towards Diepsloot.  The project includes work on the following roads:

  • Resurfacing of the remaining Gauteng section of the road that links with the North West;
  • Construction of edge beams on the road;
  • Reinstating of road markings and traffic signs;
  • Replacing or repairing of damaged guardrails;
  • Cleaning road reserve and cutting of overgrown grass;
  • Cleaning and repairing drainage structures; and
  • Constructing new drainage structures.

As per the Fourways Review – week ending 17 November 2017 – Riversands Boulevard, which was being utilised as a detour while the roadworks on the R511 progressed, was closed on 6 November 2017 and the R511 was opened, due to the build-up and hosting of the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge this coming Sunday.  While the roadworks on the R511 have not been completed, the road will be a stabilized gravel road and will see a speed limit of 40km per hour.

Please take particular care when travelling on the R511 and take the road works into consideration when planning your routes.

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