Plastic Straws Suck: Dainfern Refuses the Straw

Plastic Straws Suck: Dainfern Refuses the Straw

Single-use plastic is destroying our environment, and there’s only one way to fix the problem – it’s time to suck it up. It’s our responsibility to spread the “straw-free” message in our communities. By doing this, we can help to change the fate of our planet.

While eliminating straws is just a start, it’s a step in the right direction. So why are plastic straws a problem?

The problem with plastic pollution

We put straws in almost every drink – from our milkshakes to our coke cans. Some cocktails even include two plastic straws for the decoration. And yes, we will admit that there is something uniquely satisfying about sipping from a straw. But the problem is not straws as a whole and we’re not suggesting you give them up entirely as we will explain later.

The real problem is plastic. We are encouraging people to think about what plastic is doing to our environment. The manufacture of plastic pollutes the air, land and water – exposing workers to toxic chemicals in the process. Plastic makes an enormous contribution to landfills – never biodegrading. It sticks around accumulating more and more – causing significant problems for governments around the world. The waste keeps getting bigger, and it won’t simply go away. Our children, their children and so on will experience the effects of our pollution.

Plastic in our oceans

One immediate problem we face is plastic in our oceans. 300 million tons of plastic is produced each year, and about 10% of that goes straight into our oceans. Scientists estimate that by the year 2050, there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. A pretty scary fact to face.

Plastic straws make-up a large amount of the plastic pollution in our oceans. Just a single straw has the potential to kill a seabird or turtle. You may have seen the circulating videos of turtles with straws stuck up their noses, a truly horrifying image that is becoming more and more frequent.

And it isn’t just a problem that affects our environment or the creatures in it – it’s coming back around and affecting us personally. Microplastics have been found in our food and water – invisible to the naked eye. We are actively consuming a steady dose of plastic. The earth is fighting back and giving us a taste of our own waste – literally.

So what can we do about it?

Play your part

Yes, it’s a small start. But it’s a small start that makes a big impact, and we can’t ignore the consequences of our actions anymore. Take the initiative and refuse the straw in every establishment you visit – just say “no straw please”. You certainly won’t be the alone one. Restaurants and communities around the country and taking the pledge – they are no longer serving plastic straws. Dainfern Golf and Country Club is one of these communities. We no longer serve plastic straws in our clubhouse. We hope that this wave carries through to every establishment in our country – but we need your support in this cause.

If the idea of giving up the straw entirely sounds a little extreme, there are plenty of plastic alternatives:

Plastic straw replacements

You can purchase your very own reusable straw from a wide variety of materials. There are bamboo, paper, steel, aluminium, and glass straws available from the following brands:

Will you take part and refuse the straw?

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