Infocus your community magazine – Dainfern Nature Association February 2018

Infocus your community magazine – Dainfern Nature Association February 2018


2018 has started off with a bang with the renovations to the Clubhouse kitchen having started in early January. The clubhouse has had the same kitchen for over 25 years and the renovation is going to ensure that we have more modern equipment and layout to the kitchen going forward. The plans for the kitchen are available for perusal in the DHA Admin Office for anyone wishing to have a look at the proposed new kitchen. The proposed completion date for the renovation is 1 March 2018 – please watch the newsletters for further information relating to opening of the clubhouse.

Our maintenance department will continue with the maintenance program started in 2016/2017. We appreciate it when residents bring items needing maintenance to our attention as we are not able to be everywhere on the estate all of the time.

Our 2018 maintenance strategy and budget will allow for more sustainable and responsible planting practice. DHA management and Turfnet management are working closely together to ensure that the gardens in common areas throughout the estate are maintained
to an acceptable standard and, where possible, to upgrade gardens requiring attention.

With most of the road upgrades in and around Dainfern having been completed, travelling to or from work, school and shops has become easier and less stressful. One ongoing issue that the DHA are working with is the traffic lights at the Cedar Road and Gateside Avenue intersection.

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