Fibre is currently being installed on the Estate. Link Africa are busy with the installation of the fibre network in a number of Villages on the Estate. Link Africa have used the current stormwater drains and sewerage system on the Estate where possible, however this has not been possible on the entire Estate and this has caused trenching to take place in some areas. Where trenching is necessary, pits will be dug to ensure that no irrigation or municipal services pipes are installed at the wayleave position.

Link Africa endeavour to ensure that no services are damaged in the process of trenching but should such an incident occur, the responsible service provider will be advised of the damage and the process to repair same will commence. Link Africa will endeavour to have the service repaired as soon as possible with minimal impact on the residents.

If there is any damage to gardens, paving, lawn or trees, please send a report to [email protected] – you will be provided with a reference number to enable to you and us, as well as Link Africa, to track the report and ensure that restitution is done to the same or better prior to the damage occurring.

Here is a quick guide to the way forward:-

1. WE SUGGEST THAT ALL RESIDENTS REGISTER on the Frogfoot website – Click the “Register” button on the top right hand side of the website. Fill in your details and log in. There will be extra information on fibre on this website and you will be kept advised of progress.

2. Check out the packages at and choose the best package to suit your requirements.

3. Has your zone (see map and zone details below) been released for order?


If the answer is no – wait for your zone to be released. Check the Dainfern website for updates or keep an eye out for the weekly Newsletters for this information.

If the answer is yes:-
3.1. Place an order with your preferred ISP on;
3.2. The time frame from order to installation of working fibre is four to six weeks;
3.3. A work order will be issued to Link Africa to install the fibre to the home – a more in depth description of this process is available here.
3.4. Once in receipt of the work order, Link Africa will make an appointment with you to discuss the best route from the manhole / toby box to your home. There needs to be a mains plug point at the point of entry into the home.
3.5. Once the fibre installation wiring is complete, your ISP will then come and install the router at your home and ensure that the fibre to the home is working correctly. You will then have access to the internet via fibre.

Queries, compliments and complaints regarding the installation of the fibre can be directed to [email protected]

Click here for a more in-depth explanation of what is happening.

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