The DCC EGM was not properly constituted as the notice period required was too short, i.e. 21 days for an EGM, and therefore the DCC EGM did not take place last night.  The meeting did discuss the proposed wording of constitutional change.

We have taken further legal instruction and are advised that as the DGC is a voluntary association it requires no input from the DGC or the DHA to change its Constitution. The DHA has agreed to this interpretation in terms of clause 68 of the DGC Constitution and has accepted the DGC interpretation that the changes agreed at the last DGC AGM are valid and effective from the date of the last meeting.  The date for the DGC AGM is now 24 October 2017 at 18h00.

Sincere apologies for the confusion. Should you have any queries you are welcome to raise them with Ray Leonard.

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