Upcoming Events:  Junior championships.  Saturday and Sunday, 17th and 18th February at the Pavilion.  Entries by SMS on 082 456 5441 or email Duane at [email protected].  Age group is 13 years and under.  Closing date for the entries is 7th Feb 2018.  No entry fee – sponsored by Armstrong tennis Academy.

Ladies doubles championships:  Starting on 4th February 2018.  To enter, please SMS Duane on 082 456 5441.  Entries close on 1 Feb 2018.

Tennis Fun Day:  all junior players.  Come join in some fun on the tennis courts at the Pavilion.  Saturday 3rd February 2018.  2 pm to 4 pm.  Sponsored by Armstrong Tennis Academy. Please, SMS Duane on 082 456 5441 to enter.

For all lessons or assessments, please call Janice on 071 875 0317 or Duane on 082 456 5441.


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