One of the requirements to achieving goals in your running is eating good, fresh wholesome food.  The Munching Mongoose is coming to the Time Trial on Wednesday 24 May 2017.  The Munching Mongoose – Fresh Organic and more, bringing the farmers’ market to your door.

The Munching Mongoose are based in Johannesburg, and are a small passionate team that is working hard to get the best seasonal, locally and organically produced goods into as many pantries and bellies as they can! They know that no matter what diet people are on, the food they put into their bodies is so important, particularly as an athlete.

A box of fresh produce delivered to your door, including seasonal, organically grown fresh fruit and vegetables, artisan bread, free range eggs, farm fresh milk (free of hormones and antibiotics), local gourmet cheese and weekly surprise products from artisans around the country. They also have ethically reared meat and organic dairy products available – again, free of hormones and routine antibiotics etc, and all delicious!

Find out more by visiting their website (www.munchingmongoose.co.za) and social media platforms (FB – www.facebook.com/munchingmongoose, Twitter @munchmongoose, Instagram – Munchingmongoose).

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