Runners!  Please wear some sort of reflective wear when doing the time trial, especially our little runners!  On Wednesday a golf cart went speeding along the cart path – this is for your own safety!

The time trial is held every Wednesday evening starting at 17h45.  Meet us behind the kids’ play area at the Clubhouse from 17h30 to take part in a 1km, 3km and 5km time trial route.

The colder weather is keeping all the runners at home.  We had 8 runners at the time trial on Wednesday.  The results are as follows:


Pirran – 06:20,35

Boudewijn – 12:36.55


Trennan – 11:29.01

Hannah – 15:43.47

Lucy and Frederique – 23:49.11

Josephine and Logan – 20:20.82

All new runners (and walkers) are welcome.


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