Welcome to our new member, Elise van der Westhuizen.  We hope you will enjoy being a member of the Dainfern Running Club.

We appeal to all runners to wear reflective gear and to bring a head torch.  There was a near accident on Wednesday night between a golf cart with no lights and a runner.  Reflective gear in the form of a belt or jacket will allow motorists and golf cart drivers to see you further away and will keep you safe on the track.

The time trial is held every Wednesday evening starting at 17h45.  Meet us behind the kids’ play area at the Clubhouse from 17h30 to take part in a 1km, 3km and 5km time trial route.

The results of last night’s time trial are as follows:-


Indigo – 09:35,81

Boudewijn – 10:49,39


Hannah and Xavier – 17:06,52

Josephine – 17:24,03

Chris and Kendal – 17:32,03

Frederique – 18:03,52

Jemma – 18:17,86

Elise – 18:55,36

Lucy and Logan – 26:13,52


Wadzi – 30:08,43

Barbara – 31:12,71

All new runners (and walkers) are welcome.