17 runners braved the threatening weather on Wednesday evening to take part in the weekly time trial.  The results of the time trial are as follows:-


Grace in a time of 07:13,66 – this was Grace’s first run and she did so well!

Emma in a time of 08:07,29 – a personal best time for Emma – well done Emma!

Zara in a time of 08:07,29 – this was Zara’s first time trial and she did brilliantly!

Edvin in a time of 08:30,78 – Edvin also managed his personal best – well done!

Boudewijn in a time of 08:45,50


Hannah and Amber in a time of 14:50,40

Lucy in a time of 19:20,87 – this was a personal best for Lucy– well done Lucy!

Nick in a time of 19:31,66

Frederique in a time of 21:12,65 – this was a personal best for Frederique– well done!

Josephine in a time of 25:06,08


Anna flew around the 5km track in a brilliant time of 22:37,33 – well done Anna!

Melissa in a time of 26:05,08

Wadzi in a time of 29:20,06 – a personal best time for Wadzi – well done!

Shannon in a time of 29:52,31

Mike in a time of 30:18,18 – this was Mike’s first time trial – a fantastic time!

Tanya in a time of 33:39,23

Loucia and Bruce in a time of 34:33,91 – first time trial

ASA licenses for 2018 are being collected today and will be available for

Registration for the 2018 running season is open!  There has been no increase in the fees for 2018!  We love to welcome new members – join us today!  Contact Laura on +27 11 875 0492 or [email protected] for more information.


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