Congratulations to Wadzi who took part in the Johnson Crane Marathon on Sunday 28 January 2018.  She completed the race in 4 hours 49 minutes – well done Wadzi.  This was Wadzi’s qualifying race for the Two Oceans marathon.

Do you want to get off the couch and be running a marathon soon?  One way to get up and moving is to do the time trial on a Wednesday evening.  We welcome runners and walkers of all abilities and strengths – get up, get moving and come running (or walking) with us every Wednesday.

The results of the time trial for last week are as follows:-


Emma in a time of 08:39,73

Edvin in a time f 08:47,58

Xavier in a time of 10:44,52

Mia in a time of 11:07,85

Lexie in a time of 13:13,79

Amy-Lee in a time of 13:19,34


Anna in a time of 12:38,66

Pirran in a time of 14:32,20

Boudewijn in a time of 15:51,82

Alex in a time of 19:57,77

Lucy, Frederique and Logan in a time of 33:26,72.  This was Lucy, Frederique and Logan’s first attempt at 3km.  Well done girls, we are very proud of you.


Jason in a time of 19:40,31

Hannah in a time of 26:32,60

Simon and Glenn in a time of 28:22,83

Bo in a time of 29:58,90

Josephine in a time of 30:00,82

Taneill in a time of 32:49,20

Wadzi in a time of 33:23,48

Cheryl in a time of 40:59,92

Jean in a time of 41:09,99

Maureen in a time of 41:47,53


Registration for the 2018 running season is open!  There has been no increase in the fees for 2018!  We love to welcome new members – join us today!  Contact Laura on +27 11 875 0492 or [email protected] for more information.

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