Take up the challenge of the weekly time trial.  The Running Club meets below the kid’s play area at the Clubhouse from 17h45 and the time trial starts at 18h00.  At last weeks’ time trial we had 21 runners and the results are as follows:-


Lucy, Frederique and Logan in a time of 08:59,20

Mia in a time of 10:36,47


Trennon in a time of 12:53,76

Hannah in a time of 13:28,58

Pirran in a time of 14:29,57

Ansonette in a time 19:51,00

Alec in a time of 18:06,88 (Personal Best)

Josephine in a time of 24:00,66

Sandra in a time of 19:51,00 (Personal Best)

Jessica in a time of 19:51,00 (Personal Best)

Michelle in a time of 25:00,00

Connor in a time of 16:41,88


Kenan in a time of 29:48,69

Boudawijn in a time of 30:27,05

Elmien in a time of 32:42,05

A resident and her 3 children started the time trial but did not complete it.  Please let the time keeper know that you are not completing the time trial so that we don’t send out a search party looking for you.


Matt in a time of 11:44,83 (3km)

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