On the 15th March the newly formed and fast growing DAINFERN LIONESS’ hosted an all-GIRLS team from the neighbouring Riversands Girls School from Diepsloot. It turned out to be a tremendous success. They played 2 games, the first Dainfern won 1-0 and the second the visitors won 1-2. Our girls team ranged from ages 7 to 13 combined.

There was a great vibe on the side of the pitch with our moms cheering and these same moms brought with them eats, snacks, waters, cut up oranges, cakes and the club had requested its members to donate all their outgrown soccer boots which were handed out to all these needy kids who played barefoot on the day together with a medal each. It was truly awesome to watch our girls play together for the first time and the success that our new venture namely forming our all girls teams has become. We appeal to those who still wish to join the club, be it boys or girls aged 6 to 16 to come along and join, it’s not too late. Simply go online www.dainfernlions.co.za and register.

Congratulations goes out to Coach Kukie and Coach Shawn and to our soccer mom Justine Ryan for managing the team and arranging this ground breaking event. Thank you also to our sponsors Mark White Nissan, Contract Truck hire & Young at H-art Interiors for supporting our club.

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