The following communication has been received from Jodan Construction relating to the Cedar Road Upgrade:

The Cedar road project started on Monday the 28 August after we manage to get an interdict against the perpetrator’s that stopped the construction works, although we had a hick up yesterday, all construction continued again yesterday afternoon as normal.

Our program for the next 2 weeks is as follows:

  • All preparation work between Uranium and Stinkwood on the right-hand site will be complete this week and the final layer will be constructed early next week.
  • Next week Wednesday we will start asphalt between Valley and Frederick road. Lombardy road will be closed for periods, during Wednesday and Thursday.
  • By Thursday the 18 September we should have traffic flow from Stinkwood to Valley road contra flow on the right-hand site and Uranium to stinkwood (hospital) a double carriageway both sides.

The Uranium intersection will be repaired during the same period. The damage to the road is due to a new product we were instructed to test, by the consulting engineers and manufactures. But as everyone can see this was not a successful experiment.

With all the stoppages and hassles, we expect completion of both carriageways on Cedar road by end November

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