We feel it is important to share, from time to time, updates and progress regarding Dainfern’s collection rates on outstanding levies.

Over the past 18 months, since Trafalgar were appointed, the number of home owners in arrears and in legal has shrunk significantly. This has largely been due to the change in legal suppliers to a specialist legal firm, accompanied by a reduction in legal fees charged, as well as continued debt collection from Trafalgar on all stands in arrears.

Dainfern has a total of 1242 registered stands that are eligible for the payment of levies. On average around 140 units appear in the monthly arrears list, which ranges from the serious offenders, who are all currently in the process of formal legal action, to the owners who owe less than a full month’s levy.

The most serious offenders are limited to a total of 15 homeowners equating to R 1 664 000 currently being sued in a court of law, 6 of which make up R1 345 000. All the offenders are at an advanced stage of litigation with imminent sales in execution of the property in question being realised by either the DHA or the bondholders working together.  In the majority of the matters, judgments have been granted and execution steps have been initiated, to bring the cases to conclusion.

To all the homeowners making timeous payments, we thank you for this as it greatly assists our team in the efficient and effective management of our estate.

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