Recently the incidence of “Smash and Grab” has been on the increase along William Nicol and Witkoppen Roads during the day, especially during rush hour traffic.  We do not wish to cause alarm, however, forewarned is forearmed!  The reality is that you can only do so much to avoid being a victim, however, having information and tips from experts can help gain a few minutes to regain composure and make an escape to safety.

  1. First and probably most importantly, be AWARE of your surroundings. Keep an eye on what is happening around you.  Avoid distractions!
  2. Keep your doors locked and windows slightly rolled down.  A slightly open window is more flexible and resistant to shattering.
  3. Put your belongings, laptops, handbags etc in the boot.
  4. Look for obstacles on the road. Shattered glass on the road could be an indication of a smash and grab hotspot. Strange debris in the road such as rocks on a highway could damage your car.  Don’t get out of your car to check – drive safely to a secure area where you can check for damage. If it is safe to do so, reverse and drive in a different direction.
  5. When driving late at night, slow down well in advance of traffic lights to avoid stopping at a red light – slow down enough for the light to turn green but not slow enough to put yourself in danger. Remember to check that intersection is clear of other cars before proceeding.
  6. Use the middle lane. Smash and grabbers hide in bushes or behind trees near the outer lanes.
  7. Place a protective smash and grab film on your windows – this will make it harder for criminals to gain access to your vehicle and will also make it even harder for them to see into your vehicle.

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