We offer Maths and English classes at the DAINFERN KUMON CENTRE, at the Pavilion Clubhouse in Dainfern.  We have been successfully helping children improve their grades for over 18 years.

The Kumon Program

KUMON is the largest supplementary education system in the world, with 4.2 million students. It was started by Toro Kumon in Japan, in 1958. It is an international learning method, so the standards are based on universal grade levels of education since KUMON is offered in numerous countries around the world.


Maths and English offered.  The student is assessed at a home in Dainfern and told how many books need to be completed to reach their grade level. Progress is clear. Do the work and you will improve! The harder you work the faster you will improve. Maths moves from adding to calculus and English from reading to critique. Comprehension structured worksheets are used in the English programme. Geometry and measurement and word problems have been successfully introduced last year and we have seen a great improvement in our students ‘ ability to apply mathematical skills at school.

Number of Students

We have between 60 and 80 students currently but hope that our numbers reach between 80 and 90 as it gets busier around the beginning of the year. We have chairs and tables to cater for our students. Ages range from 3 years old, to matric and we have one adult completing the English programme.

How to Join

Call Kathryn on – 082-857-5319 for more information on how to join Kumon in Dainfern.

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